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Questionnaire of Novel Street Kid Written by Judy Westwater

pada November 16, 2011

Questionnaire 2:      Writing Character Profiles (Child Characters) in Novel Street Kid Written by Judy Westwater.


  1. Name: Judith Richardson (Jude).
  2. Age: Three years old.
  3. Birthday: 16 May 1945 in Timperley.
  4. General physical description: Jude is short, curly-haired, thin and so weak, rather dirty and untidy.
  5. Hometown: Cheshire, seven miles southwest Manchester.
  6. Type of home/ neighborhood: She has a house that is not taken care of, since abandoned by her parents. However, she has very good neighbors who occasionally visit her and her sisters and fed them just to survive.
  7. Father’s name, background, and occupation: Her father’s name is John Cooper Richardson (Jack). His background: he is the last child from four children. He was born as a special child with special gift from god. He always convinced everyone that he can communicate with the spirit of the dead. Occupation: he has some jobs that were not fixed, from active military service, clergy, shopkeepers, until factory worker.
  8. Mother’s name, background, occupation: This novel did not mention her mother’s name. Her background: her mother is someone who is enamored of sweet words, superior attitude, and charmed of charismatic father. She came out of the house at the age of sixteen when her mother died and was married to Jack at the age of eighteen. Occupation: she worked as a waitress in a classy building owned by the spiritualists in Cheshire.
  9. Brothers and sisters: She does not have any brother but she has two sisters, Mary and Dora.
  10. Position in family: She is the last child from three children.
  11. Other close relatives: She only knew her family, father, mother, and sisters, Mary and Dora.
  12. Family relationships: She is from broken home. She has bad relationship with her father, mother, and two sisters. She is on her own.
  13. Special friends: She has no any friends actually. She is always alone but one day in some weeks she has, her special friend’s name is Edna. She is afraid of rejection from other people toward herself.
  14. Enemies: Actually, the enemies of her life are her father and her father’s girlfriend, Freda cause they have a bad behavior and so rude to treat her as a child.
  15. Influential person or event: The influential person for her is her father and her father’s girlfriend, Freda. They always scolded her and hit her when she made a mistake so that she got trauma in her life and psychological pressure became erratic.
  16. Grade in school: She is now in the first grade at school.
  17. Attitude toward school: She has a good attitude, she always obeyed the school regulation.
  18. Grades: In this novel did not tell her grades at school.
  19. Favorite pastimes: To entertain herself, she always read some books before went to bed.
  20. Hobbies: Her hobby is reading.
  21. Favorite sports: In this novel did not tell any favorite sports.
  22. Favorite foods: In this novel did not tell any favorite foods.
  23. Dress style: She always wore casual style like jeans, T-shirt, and jacket to warm her body in cold weather.
  24. Religion: Christian.
  25. Attitude toward religion: Actually she is agnostic. She believed in god but never came to the church to pray and her parents never told and taught her about it.
  26. Relationship with boys: She has a good relationship only with one of her friends at school.
  27. Relationship with girls: She has a bad relationship because her friends always looked her as a stranger and she is underestimated by her friends.
  28. Leader or follower: Actually she is an independent girl not a leader or follower.
  29. Strongest positive personality trait: She is so tough girl.
  30. Strongest negative personality trait: Sometimes she disobeyed her father’s girlfriend’s regulation.
  31. Sense of humor: Actually she has a good level of humor. By just looking at dog playing with her neighbor’s dog, she could laugh delightly. However, the pressure within her family that made her to be quiet and afraid to show her sense of humor.
  32. Temper: She is a good girl, smart, able to accept the lesson well and fast, friendly to the environment, compassionate towards the people around her who love her but she is also rather quiet. She is patient, tough, strong girl in facing many trials, and always be able to dampen her emotions.
  33. Consideration for others:-
  34. How other people see him/her: Many children at her age who looked down on her and also argued that Jude is a strange child, so she had no friends at school.
  35. Opinion of him/herself: In my opinion, Jude is a good girl and obedient daughter to her parents, although her parents did not treat her properly. She is also a loving girl. She is a child who has great patience, confidence, manners, and strong mental.
  36. Other traits, especially those to be brought out in story:-
  37. Ambitions: The biggest ambition in her life is wanting to see both her sister and mother, living a happy and prosperous life without a father figure who always tormented her every time. After Judy grew up, she wanted to be a successful woman and helping children who have a life of hardship and combat abuses against children.
  38. Philosophy of life:-
  39. Most important thing to know about character: Living on the streets, abandoned, and abused by her father and his mistress is not easy. Every moment is always threatening Jude’s life and soul. Only with persistence and patience she can survive.
  40. Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? The readers will like the character because this character is rarely found in a child who has a completely positive character which the persistence, patience which always accompanied her days, and the extraordinary struggle of life that has gone through to obtain the happiness of the days ahead.

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