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pada April 26, 2010


Archbishop in UK

  1. Archbishop of Canterbury
  2. Archbishop of York
  3. Archbishop of Denver
  4. Archbishop of Dubrovnik
  5. Archbishop of Westminster

The Tasks of House of Lords

  1. To evaluate continuously the members in the same parties in the cabinet.
  2. To prepare the field of legislative for the minister’s policy.
  3. To control the politics’s concepts.
  4. To declare the politics’s concepts.
  5. To show the politics’s arguments to the chosers.
  6. To make recommendations for non-party political life peerages.
  7. To vet nominations for life peers, including those made by the political parties, for propriety.

The Tasks of Speakers

The speaker is the spokesperson for the House (hence the derivation of the name ‘speaker’) in its relations with other parts of the parliament – the Senate and the Sovereign (represented by the governor – general), the other arms of government – the Executive and the Judiciary, and with other outside bodies and people. In this role, speakers are expected to maintain the authority of the House, and to protect its rights and privileges. Official communications from and to the House are signed by and addressed to the speaker. The speaker receives delegations from other Parliaments and special visitors on behalf of the House. On formal occasion the speaker represents the House and plays a central ceremonial role. In representing the House the speaker represents and is responsible to the House and all of its members, whether in government or opposition. He or she is not responsible to the Executive Government and seeks to preserve the House’s independence from it.

The speaker must ensure that the rules of parliamentary procedure as embodied in the standing orders and practice of the House are applied. The speaker interprets and applies the standing orders, responds, to Members point of order relating to them and gives rulings on procedure when necessary.

Part of the speaker’s task is to protect the rights of individuals and minorities in the House and make sure that everyone is treated fairly within the framework set by the rules.


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